Our Crops
Ecofrux is comprised of three organic crops — sea buckthorn, blueberries and hazelnuts — which grow on the hills of Lipova and in Prunișor, and which cover a total of 131 hectares: a true oasis of health in Western Romania, an environment in which the plants grow naturally and yield the tastiest fruit.
The idea of Sallofrux took root in 2017. We have three authentic Romanian sea buckthorn varieties — Mara, Clara and Dora — which currently enjoy a royal treatment in the fruitful soil of the Western Romanian hillside.
34 ha
We call them Blufrux, but they’re also known as blueberries. Ever since 2019, they’ve been growing in the rich soil which covers 25 hectares of sunny hillside. The fruit, rich in antioxidants and minerals, will soon form the basis of the most efficient cosmetic products and dietary supplements.
25 ha
Hazefrux, the first hazelnut crop by Ecofrux, took root in 2020, on a surface of 72 hectares. Its fruit, rich in nutrients and boasting therapeutic properties, will be used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.
72 ha
The Story of Ecofrux
Ecofrux came to life in the fall of 2017, out of the desire to create something good, healthy, and authentic right in the heart of our home. This wish was shared by a beautiful team of people who soon joined, and who pour their souls into everything they do to make sure that Ecofrux maintains quality standards at the highest level.
Care for the Plants
The fruit grows in rich soil, spoiled by the ultra-modern irrigation system which provides them with the water they need, and the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment ensure that the plants grow in a harmonious and healthy manner.
State-of-the-Art Technology
We invest in the quality of our plants, which is why we have an automated system with state-of-the-art machineries which aid us in the growth, maintenance and processing of crops.
Drip Irrigation
Organic crops require special care, which is why we opted for drip irrigation: to ensure that Ecofrux plants are given specifically whatever water they need at any given time.
Conditioning and Storage Hall
Because of the short pre-oxidation lifespan of fruit, maintaining its qualities is a priority for us. This is why we built our own conditioning and storage unit: a hall with a surface of 1029 sqm, made up of a sorting area and a 350 sqm refrigerated space, where the freshly-harvested fruit will be frozen in 16 hours.
The Advantages of Working with Ecofrux
Our organic produce is kept under special conditions in order for it to preserve all of its properties, vitamins and nutrients over time.
Our experts ensure that the plants grow under the best conditions, and that you pick the best varieties for your business.
The Ecofrux harvest is a generous one, doubling from year to year. In 2020 we had 80 tons of fruit. Starting in 2022, we will go beyond 260 tons.
Where To Find Us
You can find our crops on the hills of Lipova and in Prunișor, in an area that’s well-known nationally for its fruitful soil, natural and rich in nutrients, which aids the Sallofrux, Blufrux and Hazefrux organic crops in growing harmoniously.
Romania, Arad, Lipova
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